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History, objectives and structure of the site

The site LeBoul was launched in June 2008. It first aimed, modestly, at reporting the construction of their ecological house in Provence (France) by Éric and Paule Le Boulengé-Nguyen, as well as some family events (holidays, adventures…).

The site was extended in 2009 to include a section (now a sub-site) aimed at facilitating the family reunions of the more than thousand descendants of Ernest Le Boulengé and Marie Poncelet, with a link to the superb genealogical site  created and maintained by our cousin, Philippe Laurent.

In September 2011, the site was reorganized into four sub-sites:

Paule, Éric & C°: memories of our family.

Famille Le Boulengé: see above.

Eco-Construction: story of our construction project, and hopefully useful informations.

Blauvac, Provence: our adoptive region.

Why «leboul» ? It’s a usual shortcut for my name, short and easy to remember.

Since the 30th of May, 2015, the url has become The site, now on a European host, is a copy of the former that was on a U.S. host, and will disappear on the 22d of June, 2015.

Why a muskrat as label for the entry page ? He was a good friend…

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